Source code for archivist.compliance_policy_type

"""Archivist Compliance Policy Type

   Enumerated type that allows user to select the compliance policy type when
   creating a compliance policy.


from enum import Enum

[docs] class CompliancePolicyType(Enum): """ Enumerate types of compliance policy """ COMPLIANCE_TYPE_UNDEFINED = 0 #: Time since specific event for specified period COMPLIANCE_SINCE = 1 #: Unresolved event currently on asset (e.g. vulnerability) COMPLIANCE_CURRENT_OUTSTANDING = 2 #: No unresolved events for longer than specified period COMPLIANCE_PERIOD_OUTSTANDING = 3 #: dynamic tolerance with dynamic window etc.. COMPLIANCE_DYNAMIC_TOLERANCE = 4 #: Compliance on comparison of asset attribute value to predefined comparator COMPLIANCE_RICHNESS = 5