Source code for archivist.logger

"""Creates the root logger as a simple console streamer. Follows the Django-style
   logging configuration where the logging system forms a hierarchy of loggers
   all potentially independently configurable.

   This model allows controlling loggers that are part of the dependency list. For
   example setting a debug logging level will show debug output from the underlying
   urllib3 package.


# pylint:  disable=missing-docstring

from logging import config, getLogger

# root logger for all code
LOGGER = getLogger()

[docs] def set_logger(level): """ Set logging level Args: level (str): Either INFO or DEBUG """ config.dictConfig( { "version": 1, "disable_existing_loggers": False, "propagate": True, "handlers": { "console": { "class": "logging.StreamHandler", }, }, "root": { "handlers": ["console"], "level": level, }, } )