Source code for archivist.timestamp

"""Timestamp manipulation

   Defines timestamp policy for Archivist.


from datetime import datetime

from iso8601 import parse_date
from rfc3339 import rfc3339

[docs] def parse_timestamp(date_string: str): """Parse an Archivist timestamp to a datetime object See Args: date_string (str): a string representing date and time in ISO8601 format. Returns: datetime object """ return parse_date(date_string)
[docs] def make_timestamp(date_object: datetime): """Format a datetime object into an Archivist format timestamp string See Args: datetime (datetime): datetime object Returns: string representation of time """ return rfc3339(date_object, utc=True, use_system_timezone=False)
[docs] def now_timestamp(): """Return Now as an Archivist format timestamp string See Returns: string representation of now """ return make_timestamp(