Assets Create Story Runner YAML

A simple Asset Creation Example.

asset_label is not required but if unspecified the created asset will not be accessible to later actions in the story.

The arc_namespace (for the asset) and the namespace (for the location) are used to distinguish between assets and locations created between runs of the story.

Usually these field values are derived from an environment variable DATATRAILS_UNIQUE_ID (default value is namespace).

The optional confirm: true entry means that the step will wait for the asset to be completely created before moving on to the next step.

  - step:
      action: ASSETS_CREATE
      description: Create new EV Pump with id 1.
      asset_label: ev pump 1
      - RecordEvidence
      arc_display_name: ev pump 1
      arc_display_type: pump
      arc_namespace: wipp
      ev_pump: "true"
    confirm: true