Compliance interface

Access to the compliance endpoint.

The user is not expected to use this class directly. It is an attribute of the Archivist class.

For example instantiate an Archivist instance and execute the methods of the class:

with open(".auth_token", mode="r") as tokenfile:
    authtoken =

# Initialize connection to Archivist
arch = Archivist(
asset = arch.compliance.compliant_at(...)
class archivist.compliance.Compliance[source]

Compliance object has dictionary of all the compliance attributes.

class archivist.compliance._ComplianceClient(archivist_instance: Archivist)[source]


Access to compliance entities using CRUD interface. This class is usually accessed as an attribute of the Archivist class.


archivist (Archivist) -- Archivist instance

compliant_at(asset_id, *, compliant_at: bool | None = None, report: str | None = None) Compliance[source]

Reads compliance of a particular asset.

  • asset_id (str) -- asset identity e.g. assets/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • compliant_at (str) -- datetime to check compliance at a particular time (optional). format: rfc3339 - UTC only

  • report (bool) -- if true output report

  • page_size (int) -- optional page size. (Rarely used).


Compliance instance

compliant_at_report(compliance: dict[str, Any])[source]

Prints report of compliance_at request


compliance (dict) -- compliance object encapsulating response from compliant_at