Runner Class

Base runner class for interpreting yaml story files.

class archivist.runner._ActionMap(archivist_instance: Archivist)[source]

Map of actions and keywords for an action

action(action_name: str) Callable[source]

Get valid action in map

delete(action_name: str)[source]

Get delete_method in map

keywords(action_name: str) tuple | None[source]

Get keywords in map

label(noun: str, endpoint: str, action_name: str) bool[source]

Return whether this action uses or sets label

ops(action_name: str) dict[str, Any][source]

Get valid entry in map

class archivist.runner._Runner(archivist_instance: Archivist)[source]

ArchivistRunner takes a url, token_file.


Deletes all entities

identity(name: str) str | None[source]

Gets entity id

run_step(step: dict[str, Any])[source]

Runs a step given parameters and the type of step.


step (dict) -- the steps map.

run_steps(config: dict[str, Any])[source]

Runs all defined steps in self.config.

set_deletions(response: dict[str, Any], delete_method)[source]

sets entry to be deleted

class archivist.runner._Step(archivist_instance: Archivist, **kwargs)[source]
args(identity_method, step)[source]

Add args and kwargs to action.


Recursive dict of dicts